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Can you imagine Leela during the Time War though

Fighting Daleks is all fine and dandy and no trouble at all

The problem is the people who are on her side

Especially when it all starts going badly

Like four times a day someone walks past her and says, “Hi, Leela,” and she has to run after them and ask who they are because they’ve regenerated

Some of the less charitable Time Lords turn it into a game

"See how long you have to talk to the savage before she twigs"

Eventually Narvin starts just muttering “There goes so-and-so” under his breath to her whenever they’re together

Then when they’re not together because it becomes a reflex for him

(People give him very odd looks)

Then one day Narvin regenerates

And is really rather hurt that she doesn’t immediately recognise him because she always recognises the Doctor

And she is like, yes but the Doctor went from a scarf to cricket whites to whatever the fuck that thing was to hat to frock coat

He stands out

The only thing you have done is to get slightly longer robes

Fuck it I’m gonna go kill me some Daleks

At least they don’t expect me to tell the difference between individual Daleks

And she storms off in a huff

Slaughters like half a Dalek fleet

Comes home and Narvin is still sulking because apparently his new body is good at sulking

So she sulks back

This continues for about a week

And then she realises he’s still doing the thing

Muttering people’s names as they go past because it became habit and he kept it up when his brain rewired

That’s how she will always know who Narvin is

(All the others are still assholes though)


 u.s.s. enterprise model used in star trek: the original series 

As a reminder, sonic chracters are 3ft tall


No one takes Arrow less seriously than its star.



Monster Rancher

holy shit



Monster Rancher

holy shit



zeus….. IS the father
*hera throws chair and has to be restrained by security titans*

That’s it. That’s Greek mythology.


Cuccos, blue shells, and bees.

No one is safe. We’re all going to die.

The trinity of death has been announced



below average height strong girl with a tall gentle girlfriend that giggles nervously when she is lifted into her girlfriend’s arms


lookit these gays in my business book

lookit these gays in my business book

either that guy has two right arms or that other guys just leaving his hand on those apples

either that guy has two right arms or that other guys just leaving his hand on those apples




my songs have vague suspicions about what you did in the dark

let’s precariously light these objects up

i am moderately aflame


Hope this will help you to draw mechanical stuff and objects on the BGs~ I still suck in tutorials X)))


I adore video games.

I am not, however, under any illusion that I am good at them.